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Different Ways in Installing 19-inch Server Rack

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  1. The 3U rackmount system

There are heavy equipment or tools being utilized and are commonly accessed for servicing, this means that when it comes to attaching or detaching the four courners continuously, this would mean or pose a serious problem. Most often than not, this is being utilized for mounting directly unto the rack but instead it is being installed through the rails (or slides.)

To fully illustrate this, there are a pair of rails being mounted or installed to support the server rack. When it is finally in place, the equipment should be in a position where it has been slid clear of the rack. Afterwhich, this has become very useful for some of the inspection or maintenance of the equipment which will then be slid back unto the rack. There are rack slides included that has a tilting mechanism which allows a very easy access on the top or the bottom of the rack-mounted equipment once it is being fully extended from the rack.

The slides or the rails being used for the computers and other several data processing equipment such as the disk arrays or even routers are often needed to be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the equipment. This is only because there are no given standardization for the equipment given for the equipment’s thickness (this is the measurement form the side of the server rack to the equipment) or it means for the mounting to the rail.

With this in mind, the rails of the kit should include a proper cable management arm (or CMA), which then in return folds the cables being attached to the server and it allows them to expand neatly and very lit when the server is being slid out without having the server rack to be disconnected.

  • Computer mounting

There are computer servers designed for the rack-mounting and it can include a variety of extra features to make the server rack very easy to use in the rack.

The sliding rails can be locked in several and different extended positions to prevent the equipment form totally removing when it is being extended out from the rack for service.

The server itself might have the locking pins on the sides that just drop inside the slots on the extended rail assembly, which then in a manner very similar to the removable kitchen drawers. This then allows the easy server installation and removal since there will be no need for the server to be held midway while someone fastens the rail unto the sides with the server screws.

There are manufacturers of the rack-mount hardware that includes the folding cable tray just behind the server. So that the cables are being held and it is neatly placed in a tidy folded channel when it is being placed inside the rack. Also, it can unfold out into a very long strip when it is being pulled out of the rack, this then allows the server to effectively continue to be plugged in and it is operating normally even while it is fully extended. Also, when it is hanging in mid-air just in front the server rack. The piece of equipment simplifies the whole process of maintenance but at the cost of giving restriction to the overall airflow.

The rack-optimized servers might have duplication in the indicator lights just on the front and the rear of the server rack to contribute and identify itself in the machine that needed the attention, or give separate “identify” LED indicators on both of the sides of the server (which in turn can be used for the software or just by pushing the associated button).

In addition to this, there are some configurations that allows for over fifty 1U servers just within the single rack, this then gives a simple and simplistic method to carefully determine where exactly the machine will be having a problem when it comes to the rear of the rack.

The handle may be able to provide the rear of the server rails, for them to be able to pull or push the server without the need to pull on the cables.