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How to Effectively Compare NEMA with IP Ratings for Electronic Enclosures?

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I assume that when you read this article, you have a basic understanding of different NEMA together with the equivalent IP ratings on an individual basis. Let us now compare the basic classifications of these two ratings.

To give back you up a little bit, let us define the IP ratings. This rating is primarily based on a testing that has not have a specific degree of protection that it gives and also requires against the mechanical damage that can be done to the equipment. There is also some risk of explosions and conditions that can be detrimental to the equipment and can cause corrosive vapors.

With this in mind, the NEMA has standardized test for some of the specific environmental conditions such corrosion, icing, oil, rust, and some of the coolants.

Some of the tests and evaluations should not be identical between the two ratings, thus IP rating cannot be directly equated with NEMA ratings. However, some experts have come up with a very simple guide in translating the NEMA types to some of the IP ratings. Since some of the ratings can either meet or exceed the needed test requirements that can be directly converted or associated with an IP rating.

Please refer to the table below for your guidance:

NEMA Rating IP Rating
1 IP10
2 IP11
4 and 4X IP56
12 IP52
13 IP54

To help you understand this table, for example the NEMA 4X electronics enclosure has a minimum IP rating of IP65. However, the IP65 rating of an electronic enclosure does not can be directl converted into a NEMA 4X rated enclosure.

If you have any question regarding the rating of electronic enclosures from NEMA to IP or vice-versa, you can directly contact the enclosure manufacturer of your choice. There are companies that does not produce or manufacture all of the NEMA type enclosure and they choose to focus on some types of enclosure.

Also with some customization, it is better if the customer will directly ask them the question regarding the NEMA or IP rating of your desired electronics enclosure.

Improved Graphics Team to Deliver the Best Product Possible

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Now that we have finally entered the summer season and just coming out from the tremendous winter, anyone (including me) would like to spice up their wardrobe. With summer time coming by, it is now the right time to put away all the bulky, drab, winter sweaters including the overly huge and overstuffed coat. Now is the right time to pull out all the floral dresses and bikinis! I guess pink and yellow comes together with green and oranges and we can add a little bit of white to pop up the style. The natural color of summer should invade our wardrobes for that added style!

With this in mind, not only our wardrobe should have the drastic color change – electronics enclosure should have it too. Colors can give the best style and class to any given standard enclosure. Companies in the industry offers customization services to their customer if they want their electronics enclosure look exclusive to their company.

They have permanent graphics printing options that can have direct printing on any electronics enclosure surfaces. In order for this to be a continuous effort to satisfy their customers, there should be improvement and enhancement in their graphics department.

The first step in improving their graphics department includes a double-hit process. This is much like applying a second coating of painting on the walls. There are companies that offers printing services but they only do one coating or printing and the colors may not last long. There should be a second coating of printing on the enclosure.

This process will result to a long lasting, brighter printed color on the product. With this in mind, there are also electronics enclosure that is black in its original color – then the companies should use lackluster because the dark background contrasted with this type of ink will appear brighter.

By doing this process or fortifying the text or graphics with the second layer of ink, the end result will be accentuated color of the print. And to be honest with you, bright colors can pop out against the darkness. Even with white or gray enclosure together with the double hit process, the print of the colors will eventually stand out.

Because of this companies can have printed graphics that can be easily read by the using personnel or just by the people seeing it. Clear printed graphics is very helpful when it comes to effective application of the enclosure. This can also make the life of the using personnel easier because they can use the product very effectively and efficiently.

All about Project Boxes: When do you exactly needed them?

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For the last few months, I have been thinking if it was just right that I have decided to walk my dog every day even amidst of the blizzard. Together with the icy conditions during the last winter season, I have come to realize that it was really my dog’s personality that was trying to pull me. Also, I have realized that this scenario was more like of an ice skating for me. This has sparked the topic on several semantics on how come a certain term can call an image of different types.

Design engineers have started to look at the different project boxes and they are determined that while a plain sturdy box can be really dependable as a stand-by, all of the hard work that was designed using this great new product should not get lost on its tracks. The project boxes are not boring to begin with and it is the project box everyone has started to buy.

There are companies that offers a large selection of those standard plastic enclosures and they come in a wide variety of different sizes. However, what sets some companies apart from one another is not just the popular project box. But it is the unique blend of different styles of stylish enclosures. These are the products that will allow the customers to have a great design on their one new great product and this can be the off-the-shelf enclosure that has that great appearance of a custom-molded creation.

This comes without the expense and time consuming process that it would take to effectively create a very good custom mold.

There are companies that offers no minimum in doing the purchasing. If the user wants to buy 1 or 2 pieces of the project box designs, you can ask the company if they offer this type of service. The user can also order directly from the website at any time of the day, without worrying about having to think about the store hours of the physical store. There will be always someone available to take the order via phone.

Once the customer has carefully selected the enclosure that can best fit their engineer project, the companies can ramp up the value of the production by giving the order into larger quantities. This will be needed for the production of the enclosure. It can also do further customization for the enclosure to fit any engineering projects.

Together with the CNC machined holes, slots, and vents – printing directly on the enclosure for customization with a very good permanent ink can post no problems. Actually, it might cost less than what the customer would think.

Companies are not only limited to the common, boring “project boxes” that almost everyone is already buying. There are tons of product possibilities you can think of. The size, shape, or the placement of the holes for the customization. There are wide variety of options that can be available to you. You are not limited by your imagination.

The Purpose of Companies in Serving the Communities

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Several years ago, I have bought an insurance policy because of a friend offering her services to me. She served as a financial adviser for a small insurance company. Just recently, the company has already started sending emails about their business’ community events such as fund raising activities, stuffing backpacks with school supplies and food drives. They have been known for lending a hand to the less fortunate in the community. It is very nice to know that I am already doing business with a company who are geared towards helping the community as a whole.

That is one of the things that I like about community centered companies. Not all businesses are geared towards giving back to the community. Well I guess, businesses should be more than earning money, right?

We have made several adjustments to our company workflow and several processes to be able for us to accommodate the several physical limitations of our several employees. There is one company that has employed a very young man for over 12 years already. This person heavily relies on a wheelchair for their mobility. The man helps the company but the company in return, also helps the young man to be able to enjoy all the benefits of being employed. It also helps the community around to build a very strong community.

Down the street from the location of our company, we have established a community center that gives lifelong services to the citizens of the community that has developmental disabilities. Ranging from all age groups (from children to adults), our program gives tutoring and special needs training, employment assistance and including the group activities such as sports and special Olympics. We are very proud to be a valuable part of this service, just by employing members of this program to different departments for our company.

Often large corporations are just out to turn a profit and are not concerned about how they’re damaging their community. Not here. We are striving to keep our community growing, just like our product lines. More often than not, the large corporations are just not for profit but they are also concerned about how their processes can potentially harm the community. There are companies that are philanthropic in nature. There are companies that strive to keep the community just growing like their product lines.

What are Considered Needs vs. Wants when It Comes to Project Boxes?

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It is indeed that time of the year again: snow everywhere. There are snow-covered roads that are being buried in our front yards including the icy sidewalks. I use to live in Cleveland, but I have still to get a dog with too much energy so that I am required to walk him every single day. The only proof to me that he has so much energy to spend for his own good is that he constantly pulls on his dog leash.

If you are thinking about the occasional tug, this is not the case I am thinking about. But it is the 90% of the time he is just straining to get ahead of me. Or maybe my legs are starting to get tired because it is too short to keep up with my dog’s pace. I have already tried almost all sorts of different gadgets and techniques in order for me to try to break him from this bad habit, to no avail. With this in mind, I should be more accurate by saying “he walks everyday and I ice-skate as he tags me along the ride.” But you ge the picture right?

It is so funny when there is a certain term or word that can bring impact on one’s imagination, isn’t it? I am being reminded of Shakespeare’s “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Customers often calls companies just to find a certain “project box.” Let us explore for a moment what a project box really is. A google search will give you tons of links to several plastic boxes. The first link of the search is very interesting – it leads to Radio Shack. Before working for a company. I have always thought that this company sells finished products. But just recently, I have learned that they also cater to hobbyists too.

Just by clicking on any type of result will reveal to you a standard, inexpensive, non-descript plastic electronic enclosure. The type of case that is very sturdy and dependable. Obviously, there are some of the good qualities to have when you are designing a product.

The best thing about this is being able to buy these types of enclosure at some retail stores (such as Radio Shack) is that you can buy just one or two pieces without being obliged to buy hundreds or tons of product pieces because there is no order quantity required for these.

With this in mind, one can just buy or purchase any couple of pieces that he or she might need. Without sacrificing too much resources. The unique project will suddenly not look very unique does it? So buying per piece is a very good idea.

What are the Measurement Specifications for Electronics Server Rack Specifications?

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For industrial terms, the 19-inch rack is a server or network frame within an enclosure that is being utilized to be mounted on multiple equipment units. Each of the server rack module contains a front panel that is 19 inches or 482.6 mm wide in specifications. The horizontal measurement then includes some of the edges in the internal space of the rack.

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How does Electronic Keyring Devices Works?

Just last week, there was something that really started bothering me: I beat my boyfriend at chess. I cannot believe it. The first words after my victory was “did I really won? Or you just let me win?” Basically, we have been continuously playing a lot of games recently and I was not given the chance to in in 8 months we are doing it. I lost every game, until this one!

After chess, we have decided to change the game we are playing – Trivial Pursuit. However, he has mopped the game board with me but it is totally okay. I have to forgive him because I won at chess anyway. But I got a realization. All the months I have been losing to him, he thought me of different strategies on how I can win the game. He taught me the rules and the pitfalls, he was totally pointing out what are the better move choices. This has guided me into doing the right strategy. I started thinking since I love learning, it has enabled me to win at chess!

With this in mind, let us start looking at how some technology efficiently works.

One sample product we can take a look at is the keyfob small electronics enclosure. You can see these type of enclosures almost everywhere. They are used as car keys, calculators, small televisions and so much more. There is a rubber keypad installed on it with a paring conductive contact on its back. Once the button is successfully pressed, the conductive contact successfully meets the board. It now started to send an electronics signal that completes the whole process of completing a specific task that was successfully assigned to the circuit.

To further illustrate this example – let us use a calculator. When you press a button labeled as #1, the screen sows a 1. When you add the plus sign after to it then when you press the 3 and the equals button, it will give you a number 4.

This also works as the same way a keyless entry remote works. When you press the button that was labeled unlocked, it manages to activate the circuit installed on the board. It now starte to send a wireless signal going to the system’s receiver. It was located in the vehicle, and now it prompts the electric locks to be opened. This was a keyless entry.

What is a Rapid Prototyping Solution?

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Back during my childhood, before my sister totally though that it would be really fun and exciting if we would take on a ride at the fair in the neighborhood. They call it the Salt and Pepper shakers. To further illustrate the ride, there are two existing arms on the side. At the end of each there is an enclosed big bug that keeps the rider totally locked inside. These arms then are carefully rotated in the opposite directions. Once the arm reaches the top of the ride rotation, the buggy together with the people riding will go total upside down.

At this point from now on, the person operating the right totally thought that it was really funny that an 8 year old child like me was really scared for her dear life and she started screaming like someone was murdered. That is the very reason why I am really afraid of heights. And because of this experience, I am very intrigued by the various fields of study that determines if it is really the nature that makes us who we are – nature vs. nurture.

Before this trip to the fun fair, I did not have very much experience with extreme heights: I was not a tree climber at all. I did not use the roof or utilize it for me to sneak out of the house and I have not any experience climbing the ladders either. I guess that’s is because of my developed fear of heights when I as a kid. I had been really scared for my life and I guess the experience made me to fear heights.

Because of this, a product has reminded me of this fearful experience. Maybe because of its psychophysiology.

The very efficient and unique ATLASense™ AR7000 series does a semi-custom platform that fives a good and rapid prototyping solution for companies. This satisfy a large and broad physiological and behavioral monitoring needs for your products. This high performing workhorse offers a different, physical, and physiological and behavioral human interacts with a lot of broad selection of the best front-end sensors.

The international clients of this platform has started to apply the different platofrms in different fields of use. This also includes the diagnostics, biological therapy, telemedicine and as well as psychophysiology. What is more to this product is that it has a very wide range of different configurations that can be easily found in Atlas Engineering’s website:

How to Capture a PCB Using Two Screw Towers?

Just recently, I instantly decided to get rid of my unneeded furniture placed in the basement. It was already old, out of style and it so happens that my cats are living down in the basement. The furniture was completely covered in my cat’s fur because my two white cats loves to sit on the (then blue) white couch. Anyone who will see my furniture will tell me that it looks completely gross. And it is.

And because of presence of fleas, I decided to move the chairs by myself. I cannot wait for my boyfriend to arrive even if he is just 20 minutes away from my house. I almost got near the carpet but for once I decided to drag it upstairs. I just don’t have the energy to turn it to then haul it out open to the door.

When I carefully looked at the chair, I hefted the back of the chair onto the stair to make it leveled up to the front end whilst stepping up to the next level of the stairs. I said to myself, “one step at time.” I just patiently keeps on repeating this mantra as I slowly inch my way up to the stairs just balancing the two legs of the chair. When I finally got to the landing of the chair, I had to make the turn. I just hefted the back left leg of the chair onto the landing platform just in front of the right leg on the front end. While the chair is recently balanced like this on opposing legs, I just have to push it all the way to make a safe landing.

With this in mind, why should my impatience about furniture hauling matter? This is because without the ability to balance the chair on two opposing legs, I should have not succeeded. I recently got this idea from an enclosure making company that just launched their hand-held plastic enclosures. The unique enclosure design shows how it sandwiches a PCB between two screw towers.

There are customers who have asked how this works and they show a doubtful face that says “How does this keep the board from flexing?” The place of the board on the enclosure, then insert (and tighten) the screws into the screw holes on the enclosure. Which is now threaded unto the screw towers. This is primarily because the enclosure is so slim, that it leaves no room for the board to easily flex or twist like that inside the enclosure.

The screws can easily hold down the opposing corners of the PCB board. Thus making it just level and stable once the enclosure is successfully screwed together. This also allows the end user to use the space that surrounds the PCB without the need for the mounting attachments of bosses made in most sizes. However, because of the extra length of the KT-70, the mounting bosses are finally included for the additional stability.