What Are the Things You Should Consider When Selecting an Electrical Enclosure?

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NEMA enclosures has different assortment and variations of electrical components – such as simple terminal blocks to having a full industrial automation system. It even has high voltage switchgear. In most of the industrial automation companies now, they use NEMA enclosure that has existing house motor controls, drives, and termination systems. There are NEMA electrical box design that are shaped to have operator controls.

With this in mind, you need to carefully determine how to carefully select your NEMA enclosure. Listed below are the things you need to remember:

Define Your Security Requirements

Your electronics enclosure might need to protect the contents it houses in from any unwanted and unauthorized access to the equipment it is placed inside. There are companies that offers customer different options to accommodate their company security needs. For some of the low-risk installation so the enclosure – like a screw cover, lift-off cover, or single-door that has clamps with it should get the job done. In some places where there is a high risk in installing the electrical boxes, the customer should get an enclosure that has keylocking/padlocking to make sure that the equipment is safely locked inside.

With this in mind, the customer should carefully determine the width and height of the enclosure by properly laying out the footprint space needed for several control components that has a standard subpanel size. Always remember to carefully consider differeing mounting holes needed for the subpanel when you are planning to set out the required footprint space. This sizing will carefully determine if the customer needs a single-door, two-door, wall-mount, floor-mount or even a freestanding enclosure.

Carefully Set Out Your Thermal Management Needs

In addition to the need for proper security of the enclosure, the customer should also consider the different thermal management needs. Because the electrical box should be able to condense the heat being generated by the equipment placed inside the enclosure – either by solo or by adding an extra cooling device. The heat being generated inside the enclosure should be able to effectively decrease the life expectancy of the controlling units and other items that comes with the enclosure.

To properly anticipate this, the heat has the capability to change the performance of the circuit breakers and the fuses – which can cause a shutdown to the whole system. Therefore, if one has an electronic equipment suitable for the heat sensitive devices, a cooling system should be set up.