The Purpose of Companies in Serving the Communities

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Several years ago, I have bought an insurance policy because of a friend offering her services to me. She served as a financial adviser for a small insurance company. Just recently, the company has already started sending emails about their business’ community events such as fund raising activities, stuffing backpacks with school supplies and food drives. They have been known for lending a hand to the less fortunate in the community. It is very nice to know that I am already doing business with a company who are geared towards helping the community as a whole.

That is one of the things that I like about community centered companies. Not all businesses are geared towards giving back to the community. Well I guess, businesses should be more than earning money, right?

We have made several adjustments to our company workflow and several processes to be able for us to accommodate the several physical limitations of our several employees. There is one company that has employed a very young man for over 12 years already. This person heavily relies on a wheelchair for their mobility. The man helps the company but the company in return, also helps the young man to be able to enjoy all the benefits of being employed. It also helps the community around to build a very strong community.

Down the street from the location of our company, we have established a community center that gives lifelong services to the citizens of the community that has developmental disabilities. Ranging from all age groups (from children to adults), our program gives tutoring and special needs training, employment assistance and including the group activities such as sports and special Olympics. We are very proud to be a valuable part of this service, just by employing members of this program to different departments for our company.

Often large corporations are just out to turn a profit and are not concerned about how they’re damaging their community. Not here. We are striving to keep our community growing, just like our product lines. More often than not, the large corporations are just not for profit but they are also concerned about how their processes can potentially harm the community. There are companies that are philanthropic in nature. There are companies that strive to keep the community just growing like their product lines.