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How to Choose the Right Plastic Enclosure Applicable for Engineer Project that Requires Outdoor Use?

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One of the main challenges companies face in terms of utilizing an electronics enclosure for their outdoor application is making sure that it can effectively withstand the environment it will be in. There are lot of factors that project engineers should consider such as level of moist, temperature, possible object or water ingress, and so on.

This is very important because companies and their engineers should make sure that their electronics enclosure is effectively designed for their outdoor application. To make this happen, they should be familiar with different NEMA ratings. This is set by the the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

This rating will become very handy and extremely beneficial for businesses, empowering them to make the most effective and effective decision in choosing te right enclosure for their application.

Being knowledgeable about different NEMA rating of the electronics enclosure is the fastest way to determine whether the electronics enclosure can withstand a particular harmful or harsh environmental element. The electronics enclosure that comes with NEMA rating of 3 would mean that the enclosure is ideal for outdoor use given that it will be exposed to a very fair climate.

Once the NEMA rating increases, it would only mean that it is more durable to withstand certain harsh environmental elements. It can give more protection to your equipment. The most common rating that different companies’ produces are the NEMA 4X or NEMA 6 rated electronics enclosure. It gives wonderful and excellent ingress and temperature protection – whether the ingress can come from hose driven water or even ice formation.

While ensuring that the enclosure you use has a NEMA rating sufficient for its application, it may be necessary to modify the enclosure to connect external features such as a cable or antenna.  Every cutout that is added to the enclosure provides an opportunity for water or other contaminants to seep in. Using accessories, such as cable glands, can help protect the NEMA ratings on the enclosure.

While making sure that the electronics enclosure businesses use has the right and proper NEMA rating just enough for its application, it can be very necessary and important to effectively modify the electronics enclosure in connection to some of the external features or enclosure accessories – it can be a cable or even antenna.

Every cutout of the enclosure that is being added to the body of the enclosure gives an opportunity for the water inside the enclosure or other contaminants to carefully seep through. In the utilization of some enclosure accessories – it can give protection to different NEMA ratings in the electronics enclosure.