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How to Effectively Compare NEMA with IP Ratings for Electronic Enclosures?

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I assume that when you read this article, you have a basic understanding of different NEMA together with the equivalent IP ratings on an individual basis. Let us now compare the basic classifications of these two ratings.

To give back you up a little bit, let us define the IP ratings. This rating is primarily based on a testing that has not have a specific degree of protection that it gives and also requires against the mechanical damage that can be done to the equipment. There is also some risk of explosions and conditions that can be detrimental to the equipment and can cause corrosive vapors.

With this in mind, the NEMA has standardized test for some of the specific environmental conditions such corrosion, icing, oil, rust, and some of the coolants.

Some of the tests and evaluations should not be identical between the two ratings, thus IP rating cannot be directly equated with NEMA ratings. However, some experts have come up with a very simple guide in translating the NEMA types to some of the IP ratings. Since some of the ratings can either meet or exceed the needed test requirements that can be directly converted or associated with an IP rating.

Please refer to the table below for your guidance:

NEMA Rating IP Rating
1 IP10
2 IP11
4 and 4X IP56
12 IP52
13 IP54

To help you understand this table, for example the NEMA 4X electronics enclosure has a minimum IP rating of IP65. However, the IP65 rating of an electronic enclosure does not can be directl converted into a NEMA 4X rated enclosure.

If you have any question regarding the rating of electronic enclosures from NEMA to IP or vice-versa, you can directly contact the enclosure manufacturer of your choice. There are companies that does not produce or manufacture all of the NEMA type enclosure and they choose to focus on some types of enclosure.

Also with some customization, it is better if the customer will directly ask them the question regarding the NEMA or IP rating of your desired electronics enclosure.