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Environmental Engineering as a Hot Career in Today’s Engineering Field

When you are still an undergraduate, there are a lot of careers one can choose from. You can decide if you want to have a career in arts or science, but when it comes to maintaining the earth’s health, there is nothing better than taking a career in environmental engineering. To dive in more deeply, it is a subset of engineering field that is primarily concerned with the protection of the earth – together with its citizens because of the very harmful effect of pollution.

The environmental engieners design projects that helps in the improvements of the environment together with the public health sector.

Just to name a very few, there are environmental engineers that works very closely with the government as well as private organizations to implement laws, do projects that protects our land, water, and air natural resources. There are major projects that includes several water treatment systems, air pollution systems, restoration of the ecosystem, and the brownfield cleanup.

For others to be able to survive and expand, the humanity has always on the look out for effective ways how to maintain the proper sanitation and be able to improve several living conditions. The demand to constantly acquire fresh water sources for human consumption, keep the source of fresh water going and flowing, maintaining its quality to be good enough to drink, to be able to build cesspits for the proper waste management and to stop the pollution to preven the extinction of fresh water resource has been a vital part of our well-being as humans.

The civil evolution as human beings largely depends on the level of sanitation of our water resources. Without the proper sanitation, the mortality rates with quickly rise and the quality of life will drop.

As humans, we need the necessary services and the needed skills from the environemtnal engineers to help us achieve a cleaner and healthier earth ecosystem.

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The main reasons why you should pursue Environmental Engineering as a career

Now that we have discussed how environmental engineers can greatly contribute to earth’s health and its importance to sustain it, there are people who needs to know the reasons why they should pursue a career in environmental engineering. Below are some of the most important reasons that can convince you to take on the career path as an environmental engineer.

  1. Taking Care of the Environment Should be Your Passion

Have you heard the phrase saying that when you follow your passion, the earnings will follow? In environmental engineering, you have to be genuinely interested and keen in this area of study. Just by studying or reading anything about environmental engineering is not enough. The question you should answer is this: do you see yourself as an individual that helps the mother earth to sustain its health from the crippling and dangerous effects of disasters and pollution. If your answer to that question is YES, then you should definitely choose this as your career choice.

  • There are lots of universities that offers students different accreditations for this career

The environmental engineering career is just as popular as civil or mechanical engineering. Therefore, there are several universities around the world that offers different degrees and specializations when it comes to environmental engineering. It can go up to PHD level. As long as human race thinks that earth should be proteted, different colleges and universities will still continue to keep up with the development of several students to help students pursue their passion in helping mother earth.

With this in mind, the most popular countries that offer environmental engineering are Germany, United States, Canada, and UK.

  • Environmental Engineering is a very broad career and course

If you are finally decided that you want to pursue a career in environmental engineering, you will quickly find out that is a field that is very wide and diverse, therefore there are still improvements that can be done. Some of its cool specialization are:

  • Environmental impact assessment and mitigation
  • Water supply treatment
  • Liquid and solid waste management
  • Air pollution treatment and management
  • There are a lot of job opportunities as an environmental engineer

In order to have development in solutions to several environmental problems the engineers definitely use the principles being used for engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry. Therefore, addressing several global issues of polluted water and not being able to produce safe drinking water. The job as an environmental engineer are several.

  • The pay becomes exciting as you go forward with your career

Let us face this daunting truth, do not expect to land so much for a salary once you graduate. This is not to say that this is entirely impossible, but most of the companies who will hire you are only willing to pay the amount that is appropriate with your workd experience. While you work your way up to increasing your salary grade, just slowly work your way up to the ladder and constantly improve and update yourself.

These are the median wages for environmental engineers who work in some of the top sectors of the government.

Federal Government Employed = $105,500

Local Government = $84,000, (except hospitals and education sectors)

Technical consulting services, scientific research institutes = $78, 600

Finally, state governments = $74, 500, excluding hospitals and education sectors.

Is this career the right decision?

If one of these reasons, stated in this article will help you decide to pursue a career path in environmental engineering, then you can definitely pursue an environmental engineering job. This can be perfect for you. The job prospects for this is very high and it has an industrial job growth of 8% annually.

Most of the environmental engineers are satisfied with the career and opportunities that has come their way. Their talent in redesigning some of the earth’s systems and structure will help us to have a better earth.