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Electrical Enclosures as a Protection for Equipment Used in Hazardous Environment

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It is a crucial decision to choose the right and appropriate enclosure to protect electrical equipment when used for outdoor applications. Also the main factor that will influence their decision in choosing the right enclosure is the location where the equipment will be placed. With this in mind, a company needs an enclosure that can withstand hars environments and it should have protection from corrosion, high-temperature, and direct sunlight or UV rays. This is crucial if a company like to keep their equipment functional, last long and in great shape.

Among the harsh elements present in outdoor environments, the worst factor that can damage any equipment is the UV rays or the direct sunlight form the sun. Aside from the fact that direct sunlight can cause melting or warping of the enclosure, it is also important to note that this can also cause most electronic applications to condensate. Even if the enclosure can protect the equipment from water ingress, the sudden change in the temperature especially when there is high moisture in the air, condensation is possible to occur inside the unit. Any engineers know that one of the worst enemy of any electrical equipment is moisture. With this in mind, any efforts to prevent this from happening is crucial.

It is important to note that not only UV rays or high temperature are the only risk factor present in outdoor applications. But high heat can cause a decay in certain materials which can greatly jeopardize the equipment inside the enclosure. Later on, the warping of materials can lead to creating leaks. This will create damages on the enclosure that will also result to the damaging of certain equipment. This is the very reason why it is important to choose the right material for our electronic enclosures especially if they will be exposed to these elements for a very long period of time.

The solution: polycarbonate enclosures

With this application, one of the best material to choose for an enclosure is the polycarbonate material. It has features that can protect the internal components of your equipment when housed inside an enclosure. It has an amorphous thermoplastic and naturally, it can withstand UV rays. So it is a very good choice for an enclosure for outdoor use. Not only that this material is used for enclosures, it is also used in other applications. It is also good for replacing traditional roofing. Because of its lightweight, weather-tough, and UV blocking feature – polycarbonate material is very versatile. Aside from this, it is virtually unbreakable.

A company can also use venting accessories to prevent condensation on their enclosures. As previously said in this article, condensation is caused by the presence of heat and humidity that can form moisture. Which in case can impose great damage on the electric component. It can also from mold that will contribute to its detoriation overtime. An engineer can also choose to improve the airflow inside the enclosure via vents, especially within electronic housings. This is also a great way to keep the enclosures watertight while making sure that the enclosure allows airflow so that moisture doesn’t accumulate.

What Are the Things You Should Consider When Selecting an Electrical Enclosure?

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NEMA enclosures has different assortment and variations of electrical components – such as simple terminal blocks to having a full industrial automation system. It even has high voltage switchgear. In most of the industrial automation companies now, they use NEMA enclosure that has existing house motor controls, drives, and termination systems. There are NEMA electrical box design that are shaped to have operator controls.

With this in mind, you need to carefully determine how to carefully select your NEMA enclosure. Listed below are the things you need to remember:

Define Your Security Requirements

Your electronics enclosure might need to protect the contents it houses in from any unwanted and unauthorized access to the equipment it is placed inside. There are companies that offers customer different options to accommodate their company security needs. For some of the low-risk installation so the enclosure – like a screw cover, lift-off cover, or single-door that has clamps with it should get the job done. In some places where there is a high risk in installing the electrical boxes, the customer should get an enclosure that has keylocking/padlocking to make sure that the equipment is safely locked inside.

With this in mind, the customer should carefully determine the width and height of the enclosure by properly laying out the footprint space needed for several control components that has a standard subpanel size. Always remember to carefully consider differeing mounting holes needed for the subpanel when you are planning to set out the required footprint space. This sizing will carefully determine if the customer needs a single-door, two-door, wall-mount, floor-mount or even a freestanding enclosure.

Carefully Set Out Your Thermal Management Needs

In addition to the need for proper security of the enclosure, the customer should also consider the different thermal management needs. Because the electrical box should be able to condense the heat being generated by the equipment placed inside the enclosure – either by solo or by adding an extra cooling device. The heat being generated inside the enclosure should be able to effectively decrease the life expectancy of the controlling units and other items that comes with the enclosure.

To properly anticipate this, the heat has the capability to change the performance of the circuit breakers and the fuses – which can cause a shutdown to the whole system. Therefore, if one has an electronic equipment suitable for the heat sensitive devices, a cooling system should be set up.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Enclosure Applicable for Engineer Project that Requires Outdoor Use?

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One of the main challenges companies face in terms of utilizing an electronics enclosure for their outdoor application is making sure that it can effectively withstand the environment it will be in. There are lot of factors that project engineers should consider such as level of moist, temperature, possible object or water ingress, and so on.

This is very important because companies and their engineers should make sure that their electronics enclosure is effectively designed for their outdoor application. To make this happen, they should be familiar with different NEMA ratings. This is set by the the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

This rating will become very handy and extremely beneficial for businesses, empowering them to make the most effective and effective decision in choosing te right enclosure for their application.

Being knowledgeable about different NEMA rating of the electronics enclosure is the fastest way to determine whether the electronics enclosure can withstand a particular harmful or harsh environmental element. The electronics enclosure that comes with NEMA rating of 3 would mean that the enclosure is ideal for outdoor use given that it will be exposed to a very fair climate.

Once the NEMA rating increases, it would only mean that it is more durable to withstand certain harsh environmental elements. It can give more protection to your equipment. The most common rating that different companies’ produces are the NEMA 4X or NEMA 6 rated electronics enclosure. It gives wonderful and excellent ingress and temperature protection – whether the ingress can come from hose driven water or even ice formation.

While ensuring that the enclosure you use has a NEMA rating sufficient for its application, it may be necessary to modify the enclosure to connect external features such as a cable or antenna.  Every cutout that is added to the enclosure provides an opportunity for water or other contaminants to seep in. Using accessories, such as cable glands, can help protect the NEMA ratings on the enclosure.

While making sure that the electronics enclosure businesses use has the right and proper NEMA rating just enough for its application, it can be very necessary and important to effectively modify the electronics enclosure in connection to some of the external features or enclosure accessories – it can be a cable or even antenna.

Every cutout of the enclosure that is being added to the body of the enclosure gives an opportunity for the water inside the enclosure or other contaminants to carefully seep through. In the utilization of some enclosure accessories – it can give protection to different NEMA ratings in the electronics enclosure.

Improved Graphics Team to Deliver the Best Product Possible

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Now that we have finally entered the summer season and just coming out from the tremendous winter, anyone (including me) would like to spice up their wardrobe. With summer time coming by, it is now the right time to put away all the bulky, drab, winter sweaters including the overly huge and overstuffed coat. Now is the right time to pull out all the floral dresses and bikinis! I guess pink and yellow comes together with green and oranges and we can add a little bit of white to pop up the style. The natural color of summer should invade our wardrobes for that added style!

With this in mind, not only our wardrobe should have the drastic color change – electronics enclosure should have it too. Colors can give the best style and class to any given standard enclosure. Companies in the industry offers customization services to their customer if they want their electronics enclosure look exclusive to their company.

They have permanent graphics printing options that can have direct printing on any electronics enclosure surfaces. In order for this to be a continuous effort to satisfy their customers, there should be improvement and enhancement in their graphics department.

The first step in improving their graphics department includes a double-hit process. This is much like applying a second coating of painting on the walls. There are companies that offers printing services but they only do one coating or printing and the colors may not last long. There should be a second coating of printing on the enclosure.

This process will result to a long lasting, brighter printed color on the product. With this in mind, there are also electronics enclosure that is black in its original color – then the companies should use lackluster because the dark background contrasted with this type of ink will appear brighter.

By doing this process or fortifying the text or graphics with the second layer of ink, the end result will be accentuated color of the print. And to be honest with you, bright colors can pop out against the darkness. Even with white or gray enclosure together with the double hit process, the print of the colors will eventually stand out.

Because of this companies can have printed graphics that can be easily read by the using personnel or just by the people seeing it. Clear printed graphics is very helpful when it comes to effective application of the enclosure. This can also make the life of the using personnel easier because they can use the product very effectively and efficiently.